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Generac Grid Services Selected as Leading Single-Vendor DERMS Provider

DER in Your Territory: Stand Ready to Support Grid Reliability

Climate Action Through Carbon Markets

Eversource Is Illustrating the Versatility of DERMS Solutions

Reliability & Resiliency: The reality is—we need both.

Challenging Times

North American Demand Response Season Starts Strong with Heat Wave

IEA’s Roadmap to 2050: Net Zero or Bust

Enbala Can Green the Energy System Today

Climate — An Action Plan Optimized for Minimum Pain

2021: Do We Dare Offer Some Predictions?

How Modern DERMS Technology Can Minimize Waste and Improve Grid Performance

Acquisitions Signal iDER Strategies Moving into the Mainstream

2020 New York Climate Week : Where The World Is Going

A New Day Dawns for DERs in U.S. Wholesale Markets

Balancing Supply and Demand in the Power System

Trends in Behind-the-Meter DERs

The 20/20 of 2020: What Will We See in the Rearview Mirror?

How DERs Support Grid Resiliency in California

The Growing Impact of System Loss

The Utility Industry in the Time of Covid-19

The European Take on Virtual Power Plants

Mitigating Climate Change: Thinking Outside The Box

Postcard From the Future: VPPs in Australia

Global Virtual Power Plant Market Trends

Japan Could Determine the Fate of the World Market for VPPs

Optimizing Your DER Line-up

Moving from VPPs to DERMS: A Global Phenomenon Driven by EVs

How Do You Energize a Queen?

Hydro Storage: A Less Expensive Battery

This Missing Piece of the Energy Puzzle

Deferring Climate Change at the Grid Edge

Managing Peak Demand and Resiliency Through Grid Modernization in the Pacific Northwest

Virtually There: From DERs to VPPs

Alectra is Building the Business Case for Integrating Microgrids, VPPs and DERMS

Two Sides of the Same Coin: How Enbala and Alectra Are Pushing the Energy Cloud Envelope

Can DERs Play Too?

Energy – A Fundamental Change in the Grid

ELECTRIC VEHICLES – good for our roads, good for our lungs, but good for our grids?

The Case for Distribution Voltage Management

Energy – A Philosophical Look at Change

Changing to Clean Energy

Virtual Power Plants Explained

DERMS, VPPs and DERs, Oh My!

How much energy is in a frozen turkey?

A Better Way


Could Virtual Power Plants Make Utilities the Uber of Distributed Energy Resources?

Efficiency and Cooperation


The Grid Needs a Symphony, Not a Shouting Match


Taking VPPs to the Next Level

Virtual Power Plants and the New Energy Future

A commentary on the FERC NOPR to Integrate More DERs into Organized Markets

Disrupting the Status Quo…  Thinking Out of the Box

Distributed Energy Resources and Cybersecurity

survey reveals interesting trends in distributed energy

An Investment in Distributed Energy Resource Management Beyond the Grid Edge

Distributed Energy Resources 101: Required Reading for a Modern Grid

Energy Policies Aimed at 100% Renewables are Well Intended… But Perhaps Misguided…

Transitioning the Energy Economy: One Very Logical Approach

What's Coming? The Power of Distributed Energy in a Modern Grid

Automation Plus Load Control Brings Big Savings to Small C&I Customers

DSM opportunity finally knocking for small and medium-sized C&I customers

Are you blue? Or seeing red?

Mix ‘n’ Match DERs

Adding PV to the grid: It takes more than firming

Distributed Energy Resources: The Energy Efficiency Story

Three Best Practices for IT/OT Convergence in a Distributed Energy World

The Energy Curtailment That Nobody Noticed

DERMS: Coming Soon to Your Utility’s IT/OT Convergence

Spock or Scotty: Which character fits your organization?

Load, the oft-overlooked distributed energy resource

Capturing the Full Benefits of Demand Flexibility

Fight, flight or innovate: How will utilities deal with DERs?

What if Disruptive Energy Technology Achieved 1% of Apple’s iMac numbers?

Demand-side resources are key to system flexibility

It’s Time to Ditch Disruption in Demand Response

Behind-the-meter grid support: Past, present and future

The Art of Persuasion: Studies that Can Help You Recruit DERs

Up, Down, All Around: Maximizing Demand-Side Resources

Why Voltage Support Should Be Local

More Equipment or Better Engagement: Which will pay off better for you?

Renewable curtailment: one symptom of grid troubles

Renewable Energy a Threat to Conventional Utilities?

Smart Inverters: Here today for tomorrow

Utility Maestro, Raise Your Baton!

Batteries vs. Demand Management: They’re Stronger Together

Variable Generation Issues Meet Their Match: Smart Inverters

Sustainable Firming: Use DERs to Back Renewables

Renewable Firming with Demand Side Resources? It Can Be Done!

Linking Distributed Energy Assets to Generate Higher Value

Distributed intelligence: You can’t really be smart without it

The Economics of Hybrid Storage

Why Distributed energy resources aren’t living up to their potential … yet

How much energy is in a frozen turkey?

Smarter solar: Go West!

Process Storage: The Missing Link in the Utility Energy Portfolio.

The Grid of the Future – a Bird’s-eye View

The Interconnected World: How Engaged are Electricity Customers with Their Utility?

Energy Efficiency: How can it be Achieved at all Levels of the Power System?

Hydro Storage: An Efficient and Lucrative Way to Store Energy

Consider a New Perspective on Energy Efficiency

The Evolving Electricity Grid: What are the challenges facing today’s power system and how can we solve them?

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